Although Abdul Khoza
 barely talks about his private existence with the media, he as of late addressed Move magazine and conceded that he's been having a considerable measure of issues with the mother of his kid.

Only half a month back, Abdul conveyed a sincere birthday message to his little girl. Be that as it may, in the news, Abdul communicated how disheartened he was at having to dependably speak with his little girl using social media due to the distinctions he has with the mother of his kid.

“Things are not going well between the mother of my child and me, but it’s hard for me to talk about it. I can’t dwell too much on it, but one thing I know is that I won’t stop fighting to be in my daughter’s life,” said the actor.

Abdul likewise told the distribution that although he doesn't see his little girl as much as he'd love to, he is attempting his best to deal with the circumstance amongst him and the mother decently well.