Is Zoe Mthiyane dating her Generations: The Legacy co-on-screen character Rapulana Seiphemo? She's been resolute about not discussing her relationship status.

In late meetings, Zoe has continuously asked for that her encounters stick to subjects about her profession and not her private life and questioners have regarded that demand.

In any case, people, in general, has been very intrigued by her identity dating right now considering that her ex – Lebo M has additionally proceeded onward.

Word in the city is that Zoe is dating her Generations cast part – Rapulana Seiphemo and even though the two have not affirmed anything, it appears as though Zoe is opening up somewhat about the man in her life. 

Just as of late she posted this Man Crush Monday picture of Rapulana, in all actuality, any man in your life can be your #MCM notwithstanding when you're not dating, that is guaranteed.

She at that point posted a photo of a man with a chiskop laying on her lap with the subtitle #Sunday and we as a whole know Rapulana has dependably had a chiskop.

Notwithstanding, there is one specific post that has us persuaded that Zoe and Rapulana may be a thing. Zoe took this photo of her bae cooking for her on Mother's Day, charming right? Cool pullover also right?


Indeed, it's likewise fascinating that Rapulana additionally has precisely the same on this photo too.