These and more stories were shared throughout the end of the week under the hashtag #TheGramSham, the possibility of TV character Jo Lurie. A portion of Mzansi's most well-known countenances has "taken off the mask" to uncover a part of the face behind the scenes  – from gloom to treatment and burning through R30k an end of the week to attempt to keep up the glitzy life of Instagram.

Recently Jo tested celebs to get genuine and demonstrate their unfiltered side for Youth Day, with the expectation of indicating youngsters that the "gram life is not real life".

“People often think that celebrities are living their dream and they have the dream life, but when you realise that someone you think is living your dream life is actually living a nightmare, it makes you think more carefully. I have seen what people in the industry go through and still found myself wanting to live their dream. Imagine what young people who follow them must think?” she told TshisaLIVE.

Jo included that the false picture that was regularly appeared on Instagram could gouge a youngster's confidence and influence them to think they were simply not getting this life thing right. She called up a few celebs to request that they post all the more "genuine" posts via social media, indicating fans that life was not as fabulous as it might show up.

Previous YoTV Presenter Lumko Johnson was one of the celebs who took part and shared how he once landed R30k for a position and blew everything in a matter of days with the goal that he could demonstrate his celeb status. He woke up on that Monday morning with just R22,89 in his financial balance.

“The first thing I did was call up a few friends. Three of us linked up that weekend living the time of our lives with bottles of bubbly, clubs, hotels and strippers. Monday morning I had to report to set, and as I swiped at the service station, this was the notification text of my bank balance.”

The TV veteran posted a photo of herself on a set of LiveAMP with an enormous grin. She uncovered that she felt like her life was going into disrepair when the photo was taken.

“What you don’t see is the exhaustion and sadness. My marriage was over, my father had died. I was in therapy, on anti-depressants, barely sleeping and crying every single day. I hid it all very well except to those very close to me. Why are we so so scared to let people see the real us?” she wrote.

Trevor Gumbi

The comedian shared a couple of little realities about himself, including that he just had R400 in his primary financial balance at the present time and that he motivates tattoos to shroud his instabilities.

“I suffer from crippling depression and often don’t leave the house cause little things would have me crying like a baby…I often feel like I haven’t reached my full potential and it makes me hate myself and my achievements. I tattoo myself a lot so that people look at my outward appearance and not at the gaping insecurities I have within,” he wrote.

Tumi Morake

Tumi uncovered how she has come back to treatment as she searches for answers following boisterous recent months.

“My job is to entertain, make light of things. Lately, it takes a real effort to do that. I am back in therapy because I am a weird combination of exhausted and on edge and I am looking for answers.”

Celeste Ntuli

The comedian posted about feeling overwhelmed and wanting to give up. “Sometimes I don’t want to be strong when I know I’m soft inside. Sometimes I don’t want to survive when I know I should be living.”

Gail Mabalane

The actress said that she was dealing with insecurities that often plague her and others.

“What you don’t see in this pic is … The insecurity. It sounds small, but it’s something that affects most areas of our lives. I’ve spent a lot of time learning to deal with insecurity (especially since I’ve been in my industry). Wondering…am I enough? … I’m slowly learning that I don’t need to fit in.”

Letshego Zulu

The fitness guru also shared a picture of herself smiling, and revealed that she was crumbling inside when it was taken at her cousin’s wedding.

“I honestly should have been front and centre celebrating my big sister’s special day. I struggled to sit through the church service. Struggled to dance in the street as we do at weddings. When the MC was running late, she asked me to step in, and the thought of that broke me completely, and I fell apart.

“Why? My heart was raw, and naturally, I was thinking of my hubby who passed a mere 4 months prior. Yes, you see me smiling. Yes, you see me laughing. Yes, I look like “everything is alright”. Truth? The heart bleeds, and the tears flow.”