Half-time: Brazil 0-0 Costa Rica And so a disillusioning first half arrives at an end. Costa Rica will be glad yet Brazil's disappointment is unmistakable. Neymar must be driven far from an irate conflict with Bjorn Kuipers, the Dutch official who has given him scarcely any choices in the initial 45 minutes.

Costa Rica serves a prominent cautioning for Brazil. Venegas jogs forward past Marcelo down the right flank and curtails an enticing go into the case. Celso Borges, running in, requirements to pick his spot in the objective yet neglects to do as such and drags his shot wide.

Offside. Marcelo gives up from a remove, and the blocked shot tumbles to Gabriel Jesus who was in a wrong position. Even though the Man City striker opened it home, the linesman had recognised the offside.

Navas denies Neymar! At last, Brazil clicks on equipping. Coutinho chooses Neymar's kept running inside from the left flank. The PSG star takes it in his walk as he enters the container however Navas flies out to deny him an opportunity to shoot and spares the day for Costa Rica.

Marcelo hits the target with a speculative shot from a remove. Brazil is overwhelming the ball yet are thinking that its difficult to get in behind the Costa Rican safeguard.

Half-time and it's goalless in St. Petersburg. Brazil may have ruled the half, however, did not form numerous solid openings. Costa Rica has debilitated on the counters. With Serbia approaching in the last diversion, Brazil severely requires a win in this game. 45 minutes for Tite's men to indent an essential win.