Gugu Gumede’s announcement that she’s been single for 3 years happening four whereas watching for God to convey her a bespoken man caused a stir on Twitter, however, the young Christian lady has explained what impelled her call.

The number of heartbreaks being dish-shaped up in these streets created sis consider concerning relationships

“There’s a full ton of heartbreaks going around, and it’s as a result of individuals don't seem to be taking time to understand themselves 1st before they conceive of sharing themselves with others.”

She same it’s been a journey of progressing to apprehend herself.
“In these 3 happening four years that I actually have been single, I actually have gotten to understand myself therefore well. For me, it absolutely was a call target-hunting by my core values. I need to be able to bring the most effective version of myself to my future husband,” she said.