Full-time: France 1-0 Peru France are into their last 16 with a game to save on account of Mbappe's first-half goal. Peru is out. Like Morocco, the South American were splendid in attack until the point that they got to the opposing box. Their play was engaging, and their fans were delightful, yet everything they can do now in this competition is slaughter off Australia's expectations of pipping Denmark to the following round. Mbappe France, in the meantime, doesn't precisely walk on: their advance is to a greater extent a Fartlek undertaking, spells of extreme splendour mixed with moderate winding.

VAR fathoms an instance of mixed up personality. After Aquino brings Fekir around snatching his neck, the ref demonstrates the yellow card to Edison Flores. The TV authorities appropriately illuminate the ref of the misunderstanding and Flores' card is repealed.

Farfan and Umtiti challenge for an elevated ball and the impact has the French midfielder squirming miserably on the ground. He is off the pitch until further notice for some treatment.

Aquino hits the post with a jolt of a shot. Farfan tees up the midfielder who gives it a chance to fly. No way for Lloris to achieve that as he watches it cut the highest point of the post and go out for a goal kick.

Guerrero gets a shot on focus with a direct freekick yet its directly at Lloris who accumulates it neatly.