PENALTY! Neymar is pulled back by Gonzalez, and the Brazilian falls over in showy mould. The ref at that point checks with VAR and isn't awed with Neymar's playacting and feels that the defender’s touch wasn't sufficiently massive to be regarded a foul. No dice for Brazil. Neymar is smouldering!!!

Tempers are flaring. Neymar is reserved for punching the ball after the ref gives another ruling for Costa Rica. Coutinho gets one for belligerence!!

Brazil scored in stoppage time. Marcelo crosses it from the left and Coutinho is toward the finish of Firminho's knockdown. The minor midfielder dashes into the case fully expecting the touch from his Firminho and toe jabs it between Navas' legs.

Neymar makes it two. Douglas Costa powers into the crate and squares it to Neymar who jumps to meet it on the volley and thump it into the net.

BRAZIL WIN!! It wasn't as insistent as the scoreline recommends yet that'll do. Two stoppage time goals – one from Coutinho and another from Neymar helped the 5-time victors move beyond a flexible Costa Rican group. Costa Rica has lost 2 of every 2 now and are everything except out of the competition.