Among Letoaba's numerous grievances was the absence of help she got from her kindred partners at Primedia – which possesses 702, EWN and 94.7 among different substances. 

The recent months have been a wild time for Afro World View news peruser, Flo Letoaba who was terminated from Primedia and abandoned her activity at eNCA just to be tied up in a suit in a quest for a determination to her disparities with her previous managers at Primedia. 

This was the point at which she took Primedia to the assertion board in the midst of claims of bigotry and tormenting against her chief which she said made her have a mental meltdown. 

As indicated by IOL, she was associated with multi-year-long remain off with EWN manager in-boss Katy Katopodis. Letoaba claims that Katopodis intrigued with kindred representatives to pull off a "useful expulsion" against her. 

A large number of her previous Primedia associates took roundabout hits at her on Twitter, charging that she was the issue and that she would not be missed. One such former associate is 94.7 Breakfast Show have, Anele Mdoda. 

In a progression of now-erased tweets, Mdoda and Letoaba got into it toward the end of last year and offended each other for all to see. Mdoda appeared to go to the safeguard of Katy Katopodis and Cindy Poluta whom Letoaba had blamed for unreasonable treatment. 

Anele did not mince her words concerning how she feels about Letoaba and Letoaba made a point to give in the same class as she got. 

It is hence that Letoaba delighted in the news that Mdoda will never again be facilitating Real Talk on 3 and went ahead to take a poke at Mdoda prior today. 

Mdoda presently can't seem to react to Flo, and we question she will yet we'll positively be viewing.

Source: ZAlebs