Curiously enough, amid her meeting on Kaya FM's The B Side with Bridget Masinga, Noni Gasa specified that she doesn't view herself as a style symbol at everything except cherishes merely form.
On the off chance that you read up about Noni Gasa, the first sentence you'll presumably go over is the means by which she's been portrayed as one of South Africa's most adored style symbols and media identities.

"I've generally delighted in form, for me, it has dependably been past shallow, I don't see myself as the best dressed, I don't much see myself as a mold symbol, there are design symbols and there are individuals who dress well, I've moved toward becoming some person who dresses well," she told Bridget.

An intriguing certainty we've likewise come to find out about Noni is that she genuinely is about this design life. In the meeting, she additionally uncovered that she has a twofold Master's Degree in design from Shanghai, Paris and Florence, Italy.

"I've been engaged with attire retail throughout recent years; it's something I've committed myself to, past the tasteful and the amusement estimation of mold.

I'm mainly on the procedure side, so I work with customers, enormous retail customers on their design, PR and advertising technique, that is the place I'm generally agreeable."