Malume had followers feeling a wide range of courses on Thursday night when he hopped onto Twitter to report his new value list for highlights. 

Yoh! Similarly, as we were considering beginning our own petroleum stokvel to enable us to endure the month, DJ Tira has declared that the cost of Chikichikichaaaaaa has gone up. 

To break-down price it for you. 

  • R50,000 for Tira to go; "Chikichikichaaaaaa" on your track. 
  • R70,000 for him to give you a verse on the chorus. 
  • R100,000 to complete a chorus. 

Reacting to a fan's feedback, Malume clarified why he charged so much… since, you know, he doesn't make traditional music. 

Coming a long time after it was guaranteed that Okmalumkoolkat had cited Major League DJs R90k for a verse, the web was a wreck because of Tira's costs
Also, actually, when do we start paying?