Swop your old Sassa card for a brand-new one before it expires!

Sassa did send out notifications to old age grant recipients, should they have a bank account and would prefer their money to be paid into a bank account, that Sassa would be delighted to transfer their money straight into their personal bank accounts.

Recipients will be responsible for any costs associated with the preservation of the bank account and will have to guarantee they comply with any rules for the account as determined by the bank such as, to have the modifications made the maintenance of a minimum balance to retain the account open, if applicable.

Changes in bank accounts should also be produced to the attention of Sassa.

Forms can be received directly from the nearest Sassa office and must be filled in and stamped by the bank and then yielded to Sassa to have the changes made to deposit all social grants funds directly into the bank account. Once the switch is effected, recipients no longer have to go to a cash point or merchant to collect the social grant funds.

“The personal bank card will permit you to access all social grant funds at any time or place which is comfortable for you,” Sassa assured recipients. The money will be accessible in the account on the first working day after the first day of each month.

‘Old’ Sassa cards will still be valid and expire only December 2018.

For more information or clarity, contact your nearest Sassa office or call 0800 60 10 11.