Remember once AKA and Cassper hugged in a very club once Cass filled up Orlando Stadium in 2016?

Yeah, fans rejoiced, and everybody thought it entirely was the tip of the long-standing competition between the 2 rappers.

Well, a bit like government's hope of constructing e-tolls successful is slowly carrying skinny, the promise of Cassper and AKA being friends has conjointly light away.

Cassper, World Health Organization performed at the One Africa Music pageant in London last week, was talking to followers on Twitter regarding unity within the hip-hop trade, once he created it clear that he and AKA would ne'er be within the same WhatsApp cluster.

A tweep reminded Cassper of however AKA needed to fix fences by engaging at FNB arena. However, Cass shut him down.

The follower same that the sole method there would be unity within the trade was if it started with AKA and Cassper.

Cassper same that he was even willing to urge into the studio with Emtee even once the young rapper disrespected him.

"Even that one is possible too. He’s disrespected me and I’ve offended him to but I’m willing to build still. He’s talented & I know he might even take this tweet and disrespect me again and I’ll still be willing to work with him cause I love SA hip-hop and that’s what it needs."