Candice and Lelo became a topic of discussion on social media earlier this week after a clip from the segment went viral, with those close to them believing that they’re leading double lives.

Two young students, Candice and Lelo, have come out to set the record straight on assumptions that they are slain queens who travel to Dubai with rich men for money, after appearing on Phat Joe’s Moja Love show Highly Inappropriate as part of a ‘skit’.

The two young women told TshisaLIVE that their lives have been “ruined” by the debacle and claim that they were allegedly misled by producers of the show.

In the clip, the girls talk about getting a B00B job and bagging almost R1-million for a weekend visit to go party with men in Dubai. It was shared on social media with many people believing it was a real interview.

TshisaLIVE published a story on the interview. Producers later said it was a skit and you’d only know this if you watched the show from the start.

“People thought the skit was real. They thought that we were going to Dubai and making money by going with men. We are not slain queens, we don’t have sugar daddies, and we do not approve of that culture. Our close friends and immediate family know that, but their friends and distant family members don’t. This has ruined our lives,” Lelo said.

Candice said her relationship with her boyfriend had become “rocky” after her appearance on the show and that she felt like they had been “played”.

“When we were approached we were told it was to act in a skit about the culture. To show the dangers of it and spark a conversation. Joe should have made that clear after the segment. He should have come out and made it clear that we were actresses and this was only to bring awareness. I don’t believe that was done. They abused our trust”.

The young women said they had apparently tried to approach Joe to air their grievances but was told he was not available to speak to them.

Numerous attempts by TshisaLIVE to get a comment from Moja Love on the claims proved unsuccessful at the time of publishing this article. Earlier this week, producers of the show told TshisaLIVE that regular viewers of it would know that the segment in which the girls appeared was always a skit.

“It was not presented as real. It is clear that this is a skit and the clips on social media were cut during the segment,” production manager Luvhuwani Dagada said. Although Luvhuwani noted that the girls would return to the show in some other roles in the future, both said they had no interest in going back.

“We are not looking for fame. We just wanted to bring awareness of the blesser culture, and now everything is a mess.”

Watch the video here: