Her supporters don’t assume she ought to have to do it. Perhaps Ntsiki was right, after all, folks area unit directly here to ride away from her wave. Bonang has been placing through the foremost and the maximum amount as we have a tendency to don’t prefer to admit it.

Case in purpose would be Tumi Morake took to Twitter to raise Queen B to create associate degree look on her show, WTF Tumi. The Queen retweeted the response with a thinking face emoji.

They turned that cheap show into a @bonang_m circus daily n now Tumi has the nerve to invite her, so they burn her live. Nooooooooo. She's not going anywhere. We will burn that studio
— beehive (@shopie_dr) June 6, 2018
Others just said no, she shouldn’t go
And that’s once all hell skint loose as Bonang’s fans set the replies alight telling her to not go there. One fan went into detail, stating that the show had been noted for creating the Queen a laughing stock and making fun of her recent run-ins with the media.
Because of these responses, the Queen kindly declined. What you recognise concerning fans World Health Organization systematically have your back?
What did Tumi even have planned for her? Guess we’ll ne'er recognize. however, it’s nice to visualize fans protruding up for his or her favourite and ensuring she’s okay.