Boity Speaks On Balancing Being A Celebrity And A Sangoma! It appears Boity has made a stride back in showbiz to centre around being a sangoma and in an ongoing meeting on Metro FM, she shed all the more light on that.

The media personality shared how Boity and gogo Boitumelo were two unique individuals. Sh additionally made it evident that being a sangoma starts things out before notoriety.

“They’re two different people (Boity and Gogo Boitumelo), and I can do it both. If I was not born to do it both (being famous and being a sangoma) I am sure that my ancestors would remove one to ensure that I concentrate on the other. I think I’ve found a delicate balance and I’m treading carefully on this journey when it comes to my calling.
“I don’t take chances if they say I can’t do something or I mustn’t do something, I don’t ask, and I will not try fight for Boity just for Gogo Boitumelo to get sidelined,” she said.

Thokoza gogo Boity!