Chatting to the host of Afternoon Express, the Uzalo actress shared her journey as a healer and how she’s always known she had a gift, but only accepted it way later in life. Even though it has its own set of challenges, Baby Cele describes having an ancestral gift as a fantastic rollercoaster ride.

“It’s bizarre, and I can never really explain it. With me, I had known about it from like the age of ten, but I remember my father was so against it. I would wake up, and my mother would always ask me about my dreams until I asked her why. Then she explained that my dreams were always spot on, but I still didn’t understand.”

Because of the way that her dad needed nothing to do with the blessing, Baby's family invested much energy "disregarding" the benefit she had. In any case, not long after her folks passed on it was uncovered that her mom likewise had the blessing and because she had kicked the bucket, she needed to assume control.

Infant said it was a significant duty and that now and again it can keep you away from shaping connections. She recollected a portion of the things she had proceeded with her blessing, similar to the feeling of her dad's passing.“Having this gift is a beautiful feeling, it’s just that sometimes it is so scary. Sometimes you foresee things, and you can’t tell the people involved. Like if its something that’s bad, you’d foresee those things and keep them to yourself, which is not easy.”

“I remember, with my dad. I woke up after I dreamt he was dying, I was apparently crying in my sleep. My mom woke me up, asking what was wrong? I said no, my dad… On the same day, he died. Yet she had said no ‘it means he’s going to live longer’ but on the very same day he died.”

Baby recently tied the knot to the love of her life in a secret ceremony, after which she also bagged her role on the popular Uzalo.

The actress also revealed that she and her hubby had been in an on-and-off relationship for five years but did not live together before they decided to get hitched. So he was worried about the kids and being away from his wifey.

“Unfortunately I had to leave three months after (the wedding). I didn’t know if I should tell him (her husband). I thought if I discuss it with him, chances are he will change my mind. So, I signed the contract and only told him three days later. I didn’t have the guts,” she told TshisaLIVE in a previous interview.
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