Money, glamour, slay, achievements didn't stop AKA going back to claim his blood.

Be that as it may, only a couple of minutes in, it was his child mom DJ Zinhle who told everybody's consideration when she strolled through the pressed group with their little girl Kairo to help the rapper.
While the vast majority of Mzansi crouched around their radiators on Wednesday night attempting to fight the cool, a storm cellar in the core of Jozi was the most blazing spot to be for AKA's Touch My Blood "mystery" listening party.

It might have had a trace of those 'Ye listening sessions we see on the web yet from the minute AKA got through the ways to commence the meeting; it was clear this was his gathering.

While the whispers couldn't be overlooked among individuals in the group – Zinhle herself said in a meeting half a month prior that they're in a decent space. So figure this was a necessary show of that.

The Mega said Touch My Blood was his most fair collection yet and that he blended this genuineness with a ton of test sound and tests from Lagos to Langa

The truth will surface eventually on the off chance that it is his best.

The Mega said Touch My Blood was his most straightforward album yet and that he mixed this confidence with a whole lot of experimental sound and samples from Lagos to Langa

Only time will tell if it is his best.