Mzwakhe Mbuli was fuming during an interview on SABC when he spoke about his plans to take legal action against Google for "profiling him as HIV positive".
The people's poet couldn't hide his contempt for the popular search engine and he fearlessly slandered them on national television.
This after, Sunday Sun reported that Mzwakhe was notified that when his name was searched on Google, his picture was displayed as part of "South African celebrities with HIV".
While on live TV, Mzwakhe spat fire against Google even comparing it to Hitler.
"Who is Google? I'm saying I am not afraid of any name that you can dangle here or bring before me," he said.

Taking to his Facebook page, Mzwakhe said he felt Google was trying to "wipe out icons and influential black people" who had an impact on Mzansi and the world.

"We should be hard on those who spread fake news and devalue the brands that we are because they are part of the bigger machinery to wipe out icons and influential black people who are principled and have an impact on the thoughts of the African majority."

His legal representative Adv. Mphafolane Koma confirmed to SABC that they are pursuing a legal suit against Google.

Below is the full interview:

People on social media couldn't believe how angry the poet was and while some found it funny, most encouraged him to take on the gigantic brand.

We can already tell this will be a flaming hot battle!