Skolopad launches her clothing line, took Twitter to share her first sample cap and T-shirt. What do you think?
Skolopad, aka ‘The lady in the yellow dress’ has set the internet on fire with her barely-there wardrobe, her talent for twerking and her shocking diss of Sis Ribs.
But the part-time singer from Qwa Qwa, Free State, is not satisfied with just being a social media sensation – Skolopad is determined to make it big in the industry!
Real name Nonhlanhla Qwabe, Skolopad first found fame at the Metro FM Awards back in February, when she showed up in that yellow dress.

The rest they say is history.

She fell pregnant at 17 and now has a teenage daughter.

She has been practising nursing for almost a decade.

She is pushing her music career as Kwaito artist.

Yellow is one of her favourite colours

She has more famous friends than you do.

She was diagnosed with cervical cancer last year.

“When the biopsy test confirmed cancer I had two options; get chemotherapy or remove the womb. I got rid of the womb,” she told Sowetan Live.
She was raped twice on her way home from work.
“I don’t have to hate men or sex after those incidents”, she said of her ordeal.

What also do you want from her, she is one of the most influential women South Africa ever have.