Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to mourn the passing of Shamba the lion, who died after mauling the owner of a private game reserve in Limpopo over the weekend.

The owner of Marakele Animal Sanctuary, Mike Hodge, sustained injuries to his neck and jaw and is currently recovering in hospital after the attack. But his family confirmed to TimesLIVE that the lion had died in the incident.

Meanwhile, the social media streets were flooded with tears as mourners cried over Shamba's death.

And, of course, Black Twitter remained undefeated with hilarious jokes and tributes to Shamba.
Ma, the people of Mzansi are looking for a sign!
When the shock has subsided, it is time to plan a memorial and a few brave souls put their hands up and volunteered to help with the service. You know, print programmes, speak, sing songs and bring vetkoek and samoosas.
It was decided that the dress code will be all-black (or lion print) and Ma Rebecca Malope will be one of the speakers.
Eish! Even Tira joked about writing a song for the fallen hero.