Riky Rick is one of South Africa’s most revered rappers, the musician has been in the entertainment industry for a couple of years and he is on top of his game.
The rapper recently deleted all of his Instagram posts and a couple of weeks ago, he announced that he would be taking a break from the industry to focus on himself and this might be the reason.

According to Sunday Sun, Riky Rick’s domestic worker reportedly stole a large sum of money and jewellery from the rappers safe in his home.

The paper then went on to allege that Riky’s valuables worth thousands of rands were also stolen.

Riky is not the first celebrity to have fallen victim to crime, a couple of months ago, Nasty C was also robbed in his home, according to the Roodeport Northsider, the two robbers came in through the bathroom window brandishing a gun and a knife and forced Nasty C and friends into a studio where they tied them up and kept them as they cleaned them out.

The rapper is the latest celebrity to have fallen victim to crime…..