Babes sibling has confirmed that the abuse allegations against Mampintsha are indeed true and that Babes had opened up to her about Mampintsha’s constant abuse after their engagement which has since been called off.
Babes Wodumo’s sister has opened up about the abuse and the pain that has been inflicted on her sister.
The sister wrote:

“I know all of you have been asking questions, right now I am writing this in tears because of the hurt I am feeling. Babes has dated Mampintsha for years until they got engaged last year. I was happy but you know your sibling and you know when things are not right, but she (Babes) said she was right and I also thought maybe I was crazy. But for the last few weeks, she called me to the side and told me about the constant abuse Mampintsha has put her through. I went absolutely crazy to the point where I wanted to stab him…”
Babes’ sister then went on to confirm that Babes is the victim of abuse in the hands of Mampintsha.
“…she is the victim of abuse and it hurts to be abused by the man you love. There is a lot I could say but this is not the time to do so.” The sister went on to say that Mampintsha is busy telling lies to the media about Babes.
Here’s the rest of her sister’s post about the current situation.
In other news, the Not In My Name movement will be offering Babes counselling and support and is said to be meeting Babes today. The movement’s founder, Siya Jentile who spoke to Power FM on Saturday morning has commented on the Babes and Mampintsha situation.
“We are not interested in how the story broke, but what’s important is that here’s a young woman who’s been in an abusive relationship. You know that our femicide rate in this country has been very high and if the story of Babes Wodumo had not been broken, who knows what would’ve happened next?”
Source: ZAlebs