The #SAMA24s are literally around the corner and the nominees this year have set many precedents. Now with off SA’s artists trying to get a piece of that pie, AKA is letting the kids have fun. He’s sitting this one out.

With just a few weeks standing between us and what may be AKA’s final album, the rapper took some time off to talk about his recent #SAMA24 nominations.

He went on to clarify that this is not coming from a spiteful place, rather that he wants people to save their data, airtime, and energy for next year.

He went on to tell the people where his true reward is and that is the love and adoration of the people brought on by their love for his music.

Ncaw, a moment of softness from the Supa Mega. We rarely get those. Maybe this is brought on by the sudden realisation that it all might be coming to an end. Whatever it is, we do hope that his die-hard fans are going to push ‘Touch My Blood’ to its deserved place in history.
Source: ZAlebs