Pictures of Simz Ngema entertaining #soulifiedchillas. This is how the actress Simz Ngema define herself as on her Instagram account recently:

She is fearless and shy. She is active and gentle. She is resolute but polite. She is loud and quiet (that depends on who she’s with). She’s the life of the party and the girl who can just sit quietly in a room full of people. Sometimes she likes make-up and other times she doesn’t.

She likes her hair straight, curly, colourful, understandable and natural. She can get really serious, but she loves to play and act foolishly. She got a big ego, but she’s also humble. She is all this and more. No, you don’t know her. You just see a part of her that she chooses to show you.

Indeed the pictures below will agree with what she has said above, check them out…