Nonhle Thema celebrates a year of not drinking alcohol. The star stopped drinking a year ago and is now preaching the evils of the bottle turn-up.

Nonhle Thema was once one of the hottest celebrities in Mzansi, but has been away from the spotlight and has also given up popping bottles for an entire year.

“In the entertainment industry, you are surrounded by alcohol, and it is hard to say no. It is seen as cool to drink and get drunk. I tell people that you don’t need alcohol to have a good time, it is a trap. Mandela didn’t go to jail for 27 years for us to be drunkards.”

Nonhle decided to make a change in her life and leave the “alcohol and promiscuous life” behind. “I realised that something had to change, so I decided to not drink alcohol anymore. It has been a year, and I am feeling so much better. You know alcohol makes everything worse, even depression and I have suffered from that before.”

The star, who stepped away from the spotlight to pursue other ventures like real estate school, says she has “learnt from her mistakes and won’t be popping bottles in a hurry”.

“I am not about to pop bottles, I would rather use that time and energy on inspiring other people. I found solace in God and went on a spiritual journey. I want to teach young people about God and warn them to not get caught up with stuff. There must be more depth to life.”