Karabo Mokoena spent her last birthday alive in hospital‚ nursing wounds allegedly inflicted on her by her boyfriend‚ the High Court in Johannesburg heard on Tuesday.

The 22-year-old was murdered a month later‚ allegedly by her on-and-off boyfriend‚ Sandile Mantsoe.

Karabo’s sister‚ Bontle‚ told the court that they had battled to get hold of her on her birthday. The next day Karabo informed her that she was at the Morningside Hospital.

Bontle‚ who was testifying in Mantsoe’s trial‚ said she rushed to the hospital to find her sister with a bruised eye‚ shoulder and leg. Karabo told her that Sandile had smashed her phone.

Bontle‚ who is the second witness to testify in Mantsoe’s trial‚ broke down when she told the court that her sister “would have done anything” for the man who now stands accused of killing her.

“The relationship was fine. I’m not sure when it started to change‚” said Bontle‚ who said Karabo had shared that at times‚ Sandile would address her in an unpleasant manner. “But one thing I know is that Karabo would do anything for Sandile‚ anything‚,” said Bontle.

The sisters had been together with another friend‚ Michelle‚ when they met Sandile. The two had clicked and a relationship blossomed but when the trouble surfaced‚ Bontle said both she and her mother had urged Karabo to leave the relationship.

“Even my mother warned her. She said: ‘Leave this man‚ he will kill you‚’” Bontle said‚ breaking down again.