If "Nationalisation of mines is EFF policy" who plagiarised Freedom Charter ANC Policy.
Tito Mboweni was accused of “plagiarising” EFF policy after firing off a series of tweets as a recipe for a national democratic revolution on Saturday.

In the tweets‚ the former Reserve Bank governor called for the state to own 40% off all mining companies and the creation of a sovereign wealth fund for future generations and the creation of a state bank. He also penned a prayer‚ asking God to “open the eyes and ears of our leaders”.

Some people reacted with disbelief while others said it looked as if he would find a new home with the red berets.
Mboweni kicked off the conversation with the first tweet‚ titled: “Three urgent tasks for the national democratic revolution in South Africa.”
Adding a fourth element‚ he brought up the issue of land. “Demarcate land for housing‚ agriculture‚ grazing‚ forestry‚ tourism‚ leisure‚ schooling‚ hospitals …. Now‚ before people do their own will.”
And in closing‚ a prayer on radical economic transformation:
Tito Sepoloane was among scores of commentators who said the advice resembled EFF policy.
Rhulani Kubayi asked why‚ when he did not speak about this while he was governor of the Reserve Bank.
Mkhwashumbisi asked:
Nils HerloffPetersen pointed out the dire track record of state-owned enterprises. “Sorry‚ I’m not buying it‚” he tweeted.
Ana Forssman suggested Mboweni had been replaced by a bot or was suffering from a bout of dementia.

Source: Times live