It’s been a minute since we’ve had any Euphonik in the news and usually when we do it’s always for questionable reasons. Well, the DJ real name Themba Mbongeni Nkosi is playing Superman.

On a random Monday afternoon, the DJ stumbled upon a tweet from a government official that did not sit well with him. The said tweet was basically saying that the people of SA aren’t doing much with the freedom’s they’ve been afforded which could be taken while they are DJ’ing, amongst many other things.

Of course, in a country made up of a large number of DJ’s, there was bound to be a few DJ’s who didn’t take the ex-Governer of the Reserve Bank’s comments lightly. One of them being Euphonik who responded with:
oh, and Black Coffee too who said:
The idea that people are taking the freedoms afforded to them for granted is a false one. People understand what was at stake and are doing whatever it takes to make use of these liberties that we were deprived of. Just because one chooses to do so in the entertainment industry doesn’t mean they aren’t doing that to the maximum. Big ups to Black Coffee and Euphonik for standing up for the entertainment industry.
Source: Zalebs