Ashby Barden was the bachelor on last night's episode of the favourite Mzansi Magic dating show, Date My Family.

From causing hot flashes, to being called Papa Mcphee, Ashby Barden, the bike-loving bachelor from Alexandra caused an uproar on the Twitter streets.

The man with the giant beard was also at some point accused of being a closeted cheater, who was showing off only his best side for the Date My Family television crews. 

As per standard procedure, Ashby visited the families of three potential dates. The one strange thing about him though, was how his shirt was unbuttoned continuously at dangerous levels. 
There was also the very tricky issue of Ashby's tooth, which almost everyone in the Twitterverse had an opinion about.
#DateMyFamily Somebody said his tooth is doing the vosho. I’m dying guys

How women see Ashby 20 years from now #DateMyFamily

Ashby reminds me of nanny macPhee 😂 #DateMyFamily

Ultimately, Ashby chose potential date number three, Comfort who was revealed to have returned from the UK just two months ago after living there for a large portion of the time. 

Comfort and Ashby seemed to have a lot of chemistry, even to the point about suggestions being made about a possible second date. But it was that nagging issue of the teeth that made a return, again.  *sigh*
#DateMyFamily they must date so the first relationship goal is a Dentist

Just before we go: There were a couple of rumours on the TL about Barden being married. see the evidence and decide for yourself: