Fans were disappointed to hear that Matheba had no plans of bringing the first season of her reality show, Being Bonang, back for a second season and they made sure to let her know it.
As South Africa’s foremost media personality, Bonang Matheba is the closest thing to a real celebrity that we have… So, it’s only natural that she went the reality TV route.

The calls for her show’s return were so loud (and hard to ignore) that the woman who went from saying she’d never film a reality show to shooting one to saying she’d never do it again. She has made yet another about-turn and is currently in the process of filming the second season of the show.

Speaking to TshisaLive, Matheba confirmed that she felt the pressure and decided to live up to her motto of giving the people what they want.

“I was really overwhelmed. I got calls, texts, emails, and inboxes every day from people I met and spoke to that asked me when the show was returning. I have thousands of messages and emails with people saying they will start petitions or do anything to see it return. So, after a while, I decided that I needed to do it. Sometimes you have to do things for the people who support you,” Matheba reportedly told the publication.

We already know that she will allegedly be letting people in on her return to the dating scene, but Bonang also confirmed to the publication that she will be opening up about her break up and letting fans know what she has been up to in the interim as she is currently not on television or radio.

The new season of Being Bonang will allegedly air in May 2018.