Motsoaledi Setumo (@_Motsoaledi) was recently voted one of Mzansi’s sexiest celebs but great compliments were not always a thing for the actress growing up.

Motsoaledi recently shared how she bullied in High School, being called names. “In addition to everything that was going on‚ high school wasn’t a breeze. You know how kids are growing up‚ kids are so mean and I had acne so they called me Lunch Bar face. It was just a mess‚ I had acne and I was so skinny and that wasn’t an ideal combo,” she said.

The actress says her bullies knew she was beautiful but would find something to tease her about. The actress says she decided to not allow bullies to ruin her life and didn’t want to become a rude person because of it.

“I guess I just woke up one day and I was like‚ ‘no actually‚ I won’t allow this to happen.’ When you are bullied or pressurized growing up‚ you develop a thick skin. You become this rude and sometimes rebellious person. Not because you are actually rude‚ but because you are trying to block out all the negativity aimed at you.”