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It’s hard to believe that all kids born in 1988 turn 30 this year, but you know what they say, age ain’t nothing but a number and these celebs sure make thirty look twenty.

They are young, sexy, successful and mature. If you are still yet to turn thirty, these celebs will have wanting to rush your age. Here are SA celebs making 30 the new 20.

Hulisani Ravele Born in 23 January 1988 turned 30 

AKA Born: 28 January 1988 turned 30 

Jo-Anne Reyneke Born in  July  1988  turns 30 

Nandi Madida  Born  20 March 1988 turns 30 on the 20th

Enhle Mbali  Born on  25 March  1988 turned 30 on March

Khanya Mkangisa Born: 13 March 1988 turns 30 

Pearl Thusi Born: 13 May 1988 turns 30

Liteboho Molise Born 25 January 1988 turned 30

Pearl Modiadie Born: 29 December 1987 turned 30 on the 29th of December 2017, still deserves a mention