#LieLikeLasizwe Lasizwe (@lasizwe) Sets The Record Straight On His ‘Sandton House’! After his sister Khanyi Mbau (
@MbauReloaded) told DRUM Magazine that Lasizwe had not bought any house and that the ‘Sandton House’ was a rental, the publication got a response from Lasizwe himself.

Lasizwe says he wants to have no part in Khanyi Mbau’s claims and maintains the house is his…kind of. Lasizwe claims that his bae bought him the house although it’s not yet in his name.

“Hay angizingeni (Hey, count me out). Khanyi is overreacting. Marcus bought me the place, so technically I didn’t lie because it’s mine but it’s just not yet under my name,” he told DRUM.

Lasizwe says he’s waiting for Marcus (his bae) to change the ownership of the apartment then he’ll have a huge housewarming party.

“Hay, Khanyi has stress, I don’t know what’s wrong with her. Maybe she has problems,” Lasizwe said.