From @nonhlethema to @moflavadj, @dineoranaka, @Boity, @Lawrence_Maleka, @BontleModiselle

It’s the end of an era for the e.TV hit music show which has been on air for seven years.

From Nonhle Thema to Mo Flava and the Masina twins. Dineo Ranaka, Boity Thulo, Lawrence Maleka and Bontle, the show made stars stay relevant with the youth and made personalities household names.

“Club 808’s final episode will air on on Friday, March 30 at 4.25pm. The show will conclude with a special episode showcasing the talent and hosts that have graced the show since its premiere,” said publicist Michael Pocock.

“We would like to thank the presenters of Club 808, all the talent that have featured on the show and Red Pepper Pictures for an entertaining seven years on”

“It’s been an absolute pleasure entertaining those who watched, and I’ll do so for the remainder of season, and hereafter. Thank you for your support,” said current presenter Bontle Modiselle.