"I have done nothing wrong, " President Jacob Zuma said in an exclusive interview on the SABC on Wednesday.

"No one has told me what I have done wrong. No one has been able to furnish what I've done. If I've done something wrong, there are processes within the ANC. I found it very unfair to me that this issue must be raised all the time," Zuma said.

The president was responding to the ANC NEC's decision to recall him if he did not resign by midnight on Wednesday.

The ANC had earlier on Wednesday set out the timeline to remove Zuma as president with a motion of no confidence set down for Parliament on Thursday.

In the interview Zuma said he had not had the opportunity to say anything in the past few days.

"That's why I ask now what have I done? I have never been provided a reason. Now I am being told to go by my own organisation when they are not following any policy."

Zuma says he agreed to meet ANC President Cyril Ramaphosa last week to hold discussions to ease tensions within the party

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