Rapper AKA has always been a vocal supporter of Jacob Zuma but raised eyebrows on Wednesday when it appeared to some that he had u-turned on that loyalty.

AKA, like many of us, was glued to his TV on Wednesday night as Zuma prepared to announce his resignation as president of the nation. The trouble started when the Sweet Fire hitmaker jumped onto Twitter to suggest we may see "the final episode of Dragonball Z".

Some saw it as shade being thrown at Zuma and questioned whether the star was going to jump ship or stop his political grandstanding now.

"Hmmm, and you would jump ship so quickly? typical ... as soon as the going gets tough you run for cover," wrote one fan.

"Mchana this is bigger than you go play in your studio we busy politicking here," wrote another.

AKA ended his session by tweeting that it was sad to see Zuma go, but proved the power of accountability.

"Sad to see him go. Eish. But happy that we have shown the world once again that we live in a country where no man or woman is bigger than the movement.

He later took to Instagram to pay tribute to the president but was dragged by some fans who claimed he was "dumb" for praising Zuma, while lauded by others who agreed with his views