The actor is happily in a relationship now with fellow Scandal castmate Stephanie Sandows but hasn’t always been lucky in love.

The 23 year old recently opened up about his past abusive relationship whilst he was living in the US, studying. Hungani shared how his girlfriend at the time used to hit him and be abusive towards him.

“I got into an abusive relationship when I was still in the United States. My girlfriend at that time would get physical with me. We were together for one year and six months. The last six months together were so abusive,” he shared.

“We would have a minor argument and she would start hitting me. I would ask her to stop and because of the way I was raised, I refused to hit a woman. But as time went on I got tired and retaliated.”

“I was blinded by love. It’s a lot easier to say one should leave the other person when you are outside the relationship. When you are in that relationship you come up with a lot of excuses and the abuse becomes a norm,” Hungani explained on the difficulty of leaving an abusive relationship.

Hungani is now the founder of ‘No More Campaign’ which he started to raise awareness against gender-based abuse. “I started the campaign because people make a lot of excuses. But no more abuse, whether it’s women or men, girls or boys.”