Former ANC president Thabo Mbeki has called on party members to give ANC president Cyril Ramaphosa a chance. He was speaking to SABC News in the Ethiopian capital, Addis Ababa.

A liberation movement rejuvenated after its elective conference. The man at the helm has promised to unite the party and fight corruption that resulted in the ANC losing support during the 2016 local elections.

And help is on offer from a former party leader. Mbeki said he stood ready to support the governing party as it embarks on a renewal process. He says Ramaphosa is sending out a positive message.
“Let’s give this new leadership to do what it has promised to do. And we are ready to assist the ANC to do the right things.”

Turning to current issues… the former ANC President has welcomed the appointment of the commission of inquiry into the state of capture.

He believes it will go a long way in addressing the challenge of illicit financial flows out of South Africa.

Mbeki is the chair of a high level panel dealing with clamping down on illicit financial flows out of Africa.

“The Commission will uncover the money that left SA and governments on the continent must have legislation that fights illicit flows.”

On recent developments in Zimbabwe, Mbeki is of the view that the new leader is making the right moves.

“Mnangagwa reaching out to MDC leader is a right thing to do.”

Mnangagwa has also announced that Zimbabwe will go to polls in five to six months’ time.

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