EFF answer former president Jacob Zuma question  of #ThingsZumaHasDoneWrong on their #EFFPresser

I need to be told what I have done wrong - Zuma

President Jacob Zuma on Wednesday said the ANC has not provided him with reasons why he should resign as the president of the country.

"I need to be furnished on what I have done. Unfortunately, no one has been able to provide what is it that I have done. I said to them if I have done something wrong, there are processes in the ANC," said Zuma in an exclusive interview with the SABC at the Union Buildings in Pretoria.

Finally breaking his silence, Zuma told journalist, Mzwandile Mbeje, that he was not defying the National Executive Committee which has recalled him as the president.

"No, I have not defied the party."

He said there had been a number of things that had happened and said he had not been given a chance to respond partly because he believed that things must be handled in a particular way rather than through the media.
List of 20 Things Zuma Has Done Wrong
  1. We must further dispel the claims that Zuma gave free education to the country; free education was a result of the #FeesMustFall generation which brought Zuma's government screaming and kicking to the table to concede on Fee Free Education. 
  2. It was under Jacob Zuma and because of Jacob Zuma that Parliament was militarised, with police, the defence force and violent bouncers deployed and employed to intimidate and suppress members of parliament. 
  3. It was under Jacob Zuma that the economy stagnated and a huge number of South Africans lives below the poverty line. 
  4. It was Under Jacob ZUMA that unemployment grew significantly and no real sustainable jobs were created. 
  5. It was under Zuma that a relatively progressive Minerals and Petroleum Resources Development Bill was not passed into Law because Zuma was still protecting own business interests and therefore causing massive uncertainty in the minerals sector 
  6. It was under Jacob Zuma that the Public Broadcaster, the SABC was significantly weakened and rendered dysfunctional through appointment of incompetent individuals into the boards and management of the broadcaster. 
  7. It was under Jacob ZUMA that the intelligence services were used for corrupt and narrow personal purposes, instead of being used as means to protect South Africa from security genuine threats. 
  8. It was under Jacob Zuma that the frequent CABINET reshuffles were conducted, not with the purpose of improving government services to the people, but with the aim of perpetuating corruption and theft of public resources. 
  9. It was under Jacob Zuma where the appointment of Ministers, and Board Members of key State-Owned Companies was shifted to the Gupta led criminal syndicate. 
  10. It was under Jacob Zuma that State Owned Companies accumulated a lot of debts due to corruption, with ESKOM currently owing more than R470 BILLION. 
  11.  It was under Jacob Zuma that Government debt grew by leaps and bounds to the extent that currently, the State spends more than R200 billion annually servicing debts.
  12. It was under Jacob ZUMA that public healthcare totally collapsed, signified with the Life ESIDEMENI massacre and many other public healthcare institutions that have collapsed. 
  13. It was under Zuma corruptly awarded tender to distribute social grants was declared legally & constitutionally invalid and therefore threatening the stability of the country. SASSA is a crisis waiting to happen due to corrupt practices which ZUMA is party
  14. It was under Jacob Zuma that the State was forced to begin with procurement of unaffordable Nuclear energy, which would have collapsed South Africa's BUDGET. 
  15.  It was under Jacob Zuma that the Executive was unnecessarily ballooned and used a means to dispense patronage and handover government to incompetent and corrupt individuals. 
  16.  It was under Jacob Zuma where theft of public resources became fashionable because institutions were weakened and no one could call anybody to order. 
  17.  It was under Jacob Zuma's leadership that colonel Maummar Gaddaffi was surrendered to imperialist forces, and got killed like a dog in events that resulted in a regressive degeneration of Libya. 
  18.  It was under the Presidency of Jacob Zuma that South African Defence Force soldiers were deployed to fight illegal wars in the Central African Republic and 14 of them losing their lives in a war that sought to protect Zuma business interests. 
  19.  It was under Jacob Zuma that white landowners continued to receive billions of RANDS of state money buying stolen land, which was never transferred to the rightful owners. 
  20.  It was under Zuma that Millions of Rands were shipped out of the country.