It’s all fun and games in LKG’s comments until an overexcited fan makes a stupid joke that turns out to be racist.
One of Lerato’s white followers thought it was a good idea to comment on the TV personality’s photo on Instagram asking if there were no beds where she was. We’re not sure what response she was hoping for but LKG wasn’t here for the stupid joke.
“No! They don’t, blonde lady,” Lerato responded. After a few fans told her the response was a bit harsh, Lerato clarified why she had to clap back.
“…ginger, blonde, same diff… some of us black folks can afford beds some times! I don’t care … coming from a white folk it was patronizing and undermining!!! Don’t make stupid jokes that will offend black folks,” Lerato wrote.
Lesson on not to never come for LKG with stupid jokes.