She’s not pregnant yet, but after gaining a bit of weight, people are already waiting for her to get pregnant and document her pregnancy.
Speaking to Garreth Cliff, Minnie shared that she is happy that she gets to continue her parents’ legacy and bring children into a loving home saying:
“I now have the opportunity to continue the legacy that my parents gave me. I know that my kids will be born in a loving home, with a loving mother and a loving father and they are just gonna always have that one thing in life that will set them apart.
And I’m excited that I can get to do that and that’s why this whole wedding experience and the whole thing was so important for me and also important to share, I just feel like positive references in any shape, colour, are important for our society and our communities, and the more we see them and the more presentation we see of that, I think our communities will be much better than they are right now…”
Minnie went on to reveal that her mother was recently in tears as she also wanted to see Minnie pregnant now while she is still alive and that production houses were already calling her to document her pregnancy journey.
“My mother was in tears the other day saying she’s not gonna be alive to see her grandchildren, I was like: ‘excuse me, give me a second to breathe, that’s not even the best part, I’m being offered baby shows, like a baby reality show…to document my pregnancy..”
The media personality added that although she might like kids, because of her schedule, she was aware of time and efforts that it takes to raise a child and said that pregnancy might not be in the cards at the moment.
“I get broody sometimes, cause now I’m at a point in my life where it can happen. I’m very aware of how difficult it is to raise a kid, and I know how hectic my life and lifestyle can get right now so I’m not sure if it’s in the cards right now…”
Speaking on the pregnancy rumours, Minnie re-iterated that it was just fat and that she wasn’t pregnant.
“This whole love thing and getting chubby…it’s so annoying…the weight gain can like pause a little…the moment I started gaining weight that’s when all the pregnancy rumours started, I literally responded to someone, I was like: No I’m just fat…”
Apart from all the pregnancy pressure and the rumours, Mrs. Jones says that she is in a good space and is happy that young black girls can now have a black couple to look up to.
“I’m in such a good space, like I feel like I’m calmer now, and my heart is at ease…the thing is, he’s always been my best friend…finally young girls that look like me, will be able to see a black couple that they can look up to….I mean if you google ‘black couple kissing’ there’s not a lot of things like that, like you don’t see it a lot…”