#RIPSandyMokwena  tribute to the legendary actor by taking a closer look at his journey as Bra Eddie on Scandal!

Watch his first appearance below.

Sandy Mokwena who was famously known for his portrayal of Bra Eddie in Scandal!, passed away in hospital on Wednesday evening at the ag of 68.

Mokwena has been part of the Scandal! cast since its premiere episode on e.tv back in January 2005.

Eddie first appeared as an alcoholic journalist and a reckless father who was never around for his daughter, Lolo.

His editor wanted him out of the job, but Stan Zwane, an executive at the publication he works for, always fought for him as he believed he’s an exceptional journalist.

Since then, Eddie Khumalo’s character has grown to the Bra Eddie we all came to love and respect: an extraordinary editor, a stalwart, a mentor to many journalists, a moral compass, and a loving husband to Maletsatsi and a father figure to many.

Speaking to eNCA, Ilse Van Hemert, Scandal!’s executive producer said:

“In fact, in more ways [Mokwena] was like the character he played, Eddie Khumalo. Somebody who you can see as a moral compass, somebody who knows there’s a difference between right and wrong.”

Watch Eddie’s first appearance on Scandal! below
Rest in peace, Sandy Mokwena, you will be forever missed.