Tumi Morake Denies Being A Bonang Hater In Savage Clapback! Tumi Morake and Bonang Matheba are not the best of industry friends, it’s safe to say they are just acquaintances.

A few years ago, Tumi called Bonang fake on the E! red carpet saying she [Bonang] was pretending to like Tumi when she really doesn’t.

Well fast forward to now, the B* force is accusing Tumi of being a Bonang hater. After a few jabs was thrown Bonang’s way on Tumi’s TV show, one of Bonang’s fans took to twitter firing shots at Tumi.
“@tumi_morake no matter how much you may hate on @bonang_m you’ll never have her money, looks, class or style. Being biased with celebs you’ll loose viewers jou koek,” Bonang’s fan tweeted.

In response, Tumi fired back that she was just campaigning to have Bonang on her show.
 “How is starting a social media campaign to get her to join us on the show “hating” or is it lost in translation? ‘Lose’ by the way, we are already loose on the show.”