Thuso Mbedu Opens Up About Life After The Emmy Nod! The actress made a name for herself and the nation proud when she got an International Emmy nomination back in 2017. But how has her life changed since then?

In a recent interview, Thuso shared how it feels like she was living in a bubble (soon after nomination announcement) and now it has burst.

“After the Emmys things turned. The glitz and glamour of the Emmys disappeared and one was left dispensable. The truth is we are very dispensable. The moment you have something to offer‚ you are used but then you become dispensable again. People think that getting the next job is really easy‚ but it is tricky,” she said.

The always honest actress had previously revealed that she had not been booked for work after wrapping up Isithunzi. She however recently revealed she had started a production company with her industry friends.

“We are a number of creatives with different skills in the industry; editors‚ writers‚ camera people; who have all gone through periods where we have not been working. We teamed up together so that we don’t have to source talent when we shoot projects.”