Linda Mtoba Breaks Silence On Her Isibaya Character Wedding Dress Scandal! A few weeks ago, the actress was embroiled in some controversy after a photo of her Isibaya character wearing a similar dress to Minnie Dlamini’s wedding dress surfaced on social media.

The designer went on social media blasting the production for using her design without permission. Now Linda is speaking out on the controversy.

“I had to try so many different outfits just to get the right one. It does get tricky; you just keep trying them on until you find the one that everyone likes. It’s a challenge because I don’t decide that and it’s a matter of production being happy,” Mtoba said.

The photo was reportedly never meant to be released publicly. Bomb Productions reportedly made contact with the designer to apologize for the incident and Minnie was also contacted to apologize for any inconvenience caused.