Khaya Dladla Makes Returns To Uzalo Amid Axing Rumors! Back in 2017 the actor was rumored to have been fired after asking for a salary increase now it seems the two parties have reached some sort of agreement.

The TV actor who is one of the show’s fan favorite will be part of the soapie’s fourth season that starts on February 4.

“The character GC was on a storyline that took him to hell and back, at the end of which he went home to his village in the rural areas where the character recovered from all the trauma until we bring him back for another exciting story,” Uzalo’s executive producer Marike Vandervalt.

In the upcoming season, viewers will see the GC character struggles with depression after everything he had been through. GC’s reintroduction will occur when he attends a wedding.

“While at the wedding, Manzuza and Smangele die, and he is forced to stay longer. He tries to work at the salon but it is clear that everyone still does not trust him,” Dladla said.