‘It’s Not That Deep,’ Bonnie Mbuli Denies Throwing Shade Bonang’s Vineyard Saga! After social media went in on Bonang for misleading her social media followers about buying a vineyard, Bonnie Mbuli joined in on the fun and some fans think it’s shade.

“I could be out here buying vineyards but I’m playing …,” Bonnie tweeted. One queen B fan thought the star’s tweet was unnecessary.

In response Bonnie denied throwing shade at Bonang but joking about something that was already making round on twitter.

“We must be able to differentiate between joking about something that’s already in the public space VS throwing shade ,it’s not that deep,grow up guys,” Bonnie clapped back.

Exactly,it’s not even personal,when they do it,it’s just Twitter,when some do it ,it’s unnecessary or low? They can go argue with their fake morals. https://t.co/qphALY8FXr
— Bonnie Mbuli (@BonnieMbuli) January 22, 2018