Controversial self-acclaimed Tanzanian Prophet, Nabii Tito is currently behind bars after he was arrested for illicit behaviors and blackmailing his followers using the Bible.

According to the Dodoma Police, Tito who is the owner of a church dubbed “Drunkards Church“ has been sharing videos on social media encouraging his members to drink alcohol and sleep with their house helps.

He was actually nabbed after photos and videos of him dancing, kissing and drinking alcohol with his 'wife and househelp' made rounds on social media.

Dodoma Regional Commissioner, Gilles Muroto also confirmed that the ‘prophet’ was once examined by a psychiatrist and found to be insane. He said after he was diagnosed by the doctor, he was given another appointment which he did not keep.

Muroto added that although the prophet was insane, his actions proved that he was totally aware of the problems his preaching had caused.

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