Brenda Ngxoli,  Details How Fellow Actor And Actress Sexually Assaulted Her! The actress made headlines a few days ago when SA black twitter campaigned for her to portray Brenda Fassie in the upcoming biopic.

All this because she’s great at what she does. But for Brenda Ngxoli, , acting (a place where she says she feels at home) brought her pain that she has had to live with. Brenda came forward sharing how she was sexually assaulted on set.

“Today I’m making a decision that no matter what happens, I’m going to choose me for once, against the fear of defamation of character, I’m choosing to love me because at night sleeping alone, I have to deal with what happened to me.

“In a space whereby I feel most at home, a space that I love with all my heart, I got fondled by a fellow actor, they rubbed on my thighs during a take,” she said.

Brenda says she pushed the actor when his hands began reaching up to her genitalia. “When we were doing another take, this particular actor told me that when he looked at my feet he became horny and the funny thing is that I laughed, nobody knows how to react to these things so I laughed, I giggled and I walked away.”

Brenda says she was also assaulted by an actress who said there was nothing wrong with her behavior because they were both women.

“Secondly, I had another fellow actress, grab my boob and repeatedly lament that because she is a female, it’s ok according to Wikipedia. There’s no Wikipedia now, there’s Brenda Ngxoli with that feeling of my boobs being grabbed.”