Details Inside Sandy ‘Bra Eddie’ Mokwena’s Last Day On Scandal Set! Popularly known as Bra Eddie, Mokwena passed away on Wednesday night after a long illness.

The legendary actor reportedly was on Scandal set until last week and according to his co-stars he was struggling but still wanted to work. He reportedly had his last scenes with Kagiso Modupe and Brighton Ngoma.

“You could see that he wasn’t well and was struggling but he wanted to be there and more than anything wanted to fulfill his passion of acting. It was inspiring to see him. His body was weak but his mind was still very sharp,” Brighton said.

“He was very professional. He didn’t fluff his lines once, he remembered everything. It gave me hope to see him. He was smiling and joking. We knew he was sick but I had hoped he would be fine.”

“He was positive and had a glitter in his eyes so I thought he would be okay. Little did I know that it was his last, his grand farewell,” Kagiso added.

Jerry Mofokeng also shared similar sentiments about the late star. “He would say; ‘I am not okay today’, between smiles. It was hard to see but he stayed strong and wanted to work. He was committed and loving, and that is the highest compliment I can give him.”